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Reduction in time to hire

Testimony by
Andrew Ryden

Chief Technology Lead

About Acadaca

Founded in 2002, Acadaca is a 60- person boutique ecommerce agency with a broad spectrum of clients including fashion, beauty, lifestyle, media and B2B. Acadaca are a technology systems integrator with vast expertise in all the major technologies and platforms, with a highly integrated à la carte offering that includes digital marketing, user experience and creative design, as well as eCommerce strategy and operations, and our own proprietary products.

Why Jarvis?

Now, although there are many Magento professionals available for hire, it is difficult to track down the right person who has the wealth of expertise and experience in the development of Magento, as well as offering an acceptable price along with it. We found it difficult to track down individuals with the experience and qualifications that we needed. Jarvis have access to such an exclusive talent pool of Magento professionals that we decided it would be great to partner with them.

Jarvis Cole were in constant communication, ensuring both the candidate and our organization were making the right choices.

Andrew RydenChief Technology Lead - Acadaca

The Jarvis difference

As soon as we contacted Jarvis Cole, they immediately began asking questions, the right questions, to determine what a perfect fit for each position looked like. Shortly after (sometimes within minutes) we were provided profiles of candidates that met our criteria. We were able to quickly set up initial interviews. It was always a tough choice whenever we had more candidates than positions to fill. Every potential hire was a great fit.

Our ability to quickly expand our team with the right people allowed us to expand in a time where most of our competition was contracting. We have grown our business significantly with the help of Jarvis Cole. The level of service and personal touch was far above and beyond what we would expect, and we truly felt as if Jarvis Cole was as much a part of our team than an outside resource.

Andrew RydenChief Technology Lead - Acadaca

Right people:

Jarvis Cole was extremely quick to provide a long list of top-notch candidates who met our hiring criteria. Their attention and diligence in understanding our needs allowed us to hire quickly, and every hire is now an integral part of our team.

Right seat:

80 percent of the candidates hired are still with the company and make up the core of our business, working on our most critical projects and really becoming leaders in our organization. All of the candidates we have hired in partnership with Jarvis has been a perfect fit.

Right time:

We strive to keep a relatively quick hiring process, and with Jarvis this is possible. In most cases, recruitment was closed within 5-7 days of the initial request, which is truly remarkable!

If you were to describe Jarvis in one word:


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