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Retention after 12 months

Testimony by
Jake Casto

Chief at Volt Agency

About Volt Agency

Volt is a boutique performance marketing and development agency that specializes in the growth of DTC businesses.

Why Jarvis?

I was first introduced to Jarvis when I was a candidate. From a candidate perspective, Jarvis is different to a traditional recruiters; their communication is effective and continuous. Jarvis regularly checks in and stays up to date with your career. Following my great experience as a candidate, I then went onto to use Jarvis when I was in a position to hire.

Jarvis are set apart from other recruiters by their speed and commitment.

Jake CastoChief - Volt Agency

The Jarvis difference

I feel the real difference with Jarvis is they acts as an extension of your hiring team and is an advocate for your brand. For example, one of the candidates that I wanted to hire was interviewing with multiple other agencies. Some of the agencies were offering a larger package than us, but Jarvis really pushed our brand to that candidate. Jarvis spent the time to understand our offering and present it to the candidate in a way that made him sign with us!

Jarvis understand the variety and scope within different eCommerce job roles.

Jake CastoChief - Volt Agency

Right people:

Jarvis is very good at finding the right people. Jarvis have this ability to be able to draw candidates with multiple skillsets from all different backgrounds in an incredible speed. The candidate quality is superb.

Right seat:

Jarvis knowledge of the eCommerce market is well rounded and significantly better than the average recruiter, leading them to really understand how to build a Shopify team.

Right time:

The main difference with Jarvis is the speed. Previous recruiters have taken 4 weeks to generate a list of candidates for our company, whereas if I called Jarvis, I would have 10 qualified candidates by the end of the day.

If you were to describe Jarvis in one word:


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