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Coronavirus & Magento

By October 19, 2020December 7th, 2021No Comments

The impact of coronavirus on the global economy is astronomical, affecting multiple businesses across all sectors. It seems that nothing can prevent the virus, nor its impact on businesses and consumers. As a result of the virus, thousands of events have been cancelled, some businesses are closed, conferences are being held online and people are staying at home to work remotely. Factors such as these have resulted in industries rapidly changing to adapt.  

With this in mind, we believe it is a great time to discuss the outstanding experience Magento 2 offers and how it provides a reliable way for both retailers and wholesalers to go online.  

Below are examples of how your business can leverage Magento 2 during this difficult time:  

  1. If you don’t have a business or need a second income, why not start a business with the newfound free time you have? You may believe this is difficult with being in isolation, however the dropshipping model is suitable for this situation.  
  1. If your business is unable to operate during the pandemic, you can use this time to create a new Magento 2 website without losing sales. Use the time to return after the quarantine with the renewed online store and increase sales, engaging more customers.   
  1. If you already have a retail business but it is not presented online, now is the time to create a digital store. As we’ve mentioned above, you can get a basic website on a less sophisticated platform and then migrate to Magento 2 when the coronavirus pandemic is over.  
  1. If you have an online retail business, but your website is not intuitivenow is the time to migrate to Magento, a more user-friendly storefront.  
  1. If you are a wholesaler without a website you can purchase from, you can create with this capability based on Magento 2 Commerce and utilise its B2B features. The platform provides a set of tools that simplify your interactions with business partners.  

Final Words

Here at Jarvis Cole, we specialise in recruiting for all positions within the eCommerce industry, including Magento positions.  

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