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How to Help Your E-Commerce Recruiter Help You

By April 11, 2019December 7th, 2021No Comments

If you choose to work with a staffing agency to source talent—you’ve taken an important first step towards finding the e-commerce employees you need! The hiring process can be frustrating to handle on your own, and a staffing partner is a valuable resource to help you save time and dedicate your energy to running your e-commerce business. Once this relationship is established, you can take additional steps to maximize your interactions and get the most from the experience. The information you provide and interactions you have make all the difference in the successful placement of new workers.

Five tips to follow when working with an e-commerce recruiter

Your best play is to help your recruiter help you! Staffing agencies offer a wide variety of valuable resources and services—and the more you know, the better you’ll be able to take full advantage. Consider the following tips to find and onboard the best-of-the-best e-commerce talent:

  1. Choose a specialized staffing agency. Staffing firms come in two varieties—general and specialized. Some service a wide range of staffing needs, and others (boutique staffing firms) focus on just one or two industries. It’s similar to the concept of family doctors versus medical specialists. For example, if you need a checkup and don’t have any specific health concerns to discuss, you could go to your family doctor for a general wellness visit. But if you’re experiencing foot pain, you would go to a podiatrist to received specialized care. Staffing firms are similar. If you’re looking for specific candidates with specialized experience and skills, it makes sense to go with a firm that’s well-versed in that area. Boutique staffing firms employ recruiters and staffing professionals who have honed their expertise to concentrate on a very narrow market. For you, this means they’ll have a more focused view of what you need in a candidate.
  2. Be specific about your talent needs. The more information you can give a recruiter about the perfect candidate, the more clues they’ll have to sleuth out just the right fit! It’s important to work hand-in-hand with your recruiter to outline what qualifications are required versus nice-to-have. You can also give an overview of your corporate culture, your benefits package and any other details of employment that can help your recruiter find hires that will get the job done right and stick with you long term.
  3. Take advantage of multiple services. You may need an agency to handle the sourcing of talent and prefer to handle other steps on your own. Or you may be ultra- busy and need assistance with more steps of the hiring process. Recruiters often handle the most time-consuming aspects of the hiring process, such advertising for open jobs, reviewing applications, the initial interview, skills testing and other screening. Check with your staffing agency to see what services they offer to help streamline your hiring process and open up more time for other tasks involved in running your e-commerce business.
  4. Get in touch regularly. Your recruiter wants to know how placements are doing for a few reasons. They want you to be happy with the talent you receive. If a placement isn’t working out, letting your recruiter know right away helps them make a replacement. If a placement is a great match, let your recruiter know that, too. Any feedback you provide helps your recruiter keep up the good work in future placements or make necessary changes right away.
  5. Utilize employee resources. Do you have agency temps or hires who could advance with more training? Many agencies provide education for candidates to ensure they maximize their potential. Encourage employees to make use of any training services available—it helps your placements expand their knowledge and industry specialization. Just ask your recruiter what’s available in terms of educational resources, training and advancement for your workers.

Looking for the right staffing agency?

It’s worth it to take the time to find the right staffing partner for you. Check with colleagues in your industry—who have they worked with and who would they recommend? A simple Google search can also yield possibilities, but pay close attention to online reviews and testimonials. It also helps to contact a few potential agencies and ask questions before you make a decision on who to partner with. Always go with your gut instincts—if a match doesn’t feel right, it might not be.

Jarvis Cole can help!

If you’re in search of a talented e-commerce recruiter, look no further than Jarvis Cole. We’re deeply rooted in the e-commerce industry and source worldwide to help you find the right talent for your business. To learn more about the staffing services we provide, contact Jarvis Cole today!