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How to Secure Your Dream Role by Impressing at a Video Interview

By November 19, 2020December 7th, 2021No Comments

Are you dreading your video interview? Are you unsure how to best prepare for a virtual interview? 

Video interviews are becoming an increasingly popular tool to interview candidates with for several reasons. Firstly, with social distancing restrictions, they are often the only way to interview a candidate. Secondly, with globalisation, it is now common for companies to hire individuals from all over the world. Thirdly, they save hiring managers time and aid the recruitment process.  

So, if you are an eCommerce professional who is looking to secure a new role, you need to understand how to make a good impression at a video interview. Here are our top tips… 

Keep Eye Contact 

Keeping ye contact is an essential mannerism needed to build a relationship with the eCommerce hiring manager and to be perceived as being interested in the conversation. However, maintaining eye contact during a video interview is significantly harder than a face-to-face interview.  

It is tempting to look at the video feed as oppose to the interviewer’s eyes, but you must look straight into the camera. If you do not do this, it will seem as though you are looking in a different direction. This will make you seem disinterested, and this is not an impression you want to make. 

Make sure that you are interviewed in quiet place 

You do not want to be interrupted during your video interview, as this will put you and the eCommerce hiring manager off. To avoid this, you need to ensure that you choose the right interview environment. This environment will be quiet, distraction free and have a good internet connection! 

Dress Smart 

With a video interview, it may be tempting to make minimal efforts with your appearance and whilst looking smart will not secure you the eCommerce job role, it will show the hiring manager you are serious about the job. Looking smart demonstrates an instant level of professionalism and care.  

At Jarvis, we therefore recommend dressing how you would as if you were attending a face-to-face interview. 

Be Prepared Technically 

We have all been on a call where the quality of the technology used really impairs our understanding of the content they are delivering. You do not want this to be you at an interview! 

The quality of a video interview experience is heavily dependent on the technology that is used.  

For this reason, we suggest that you test all the technology you will be using. For example, check you know how to use zoom and understanding the virtual ‘waiting room’ system. To be prepared further, we recommend you understand a further software you could use, such as google meets, in case you or the eCommerce hiring manager experiences any technological difficulties.  

You should also check that the audio on your computer is clear, as this could mean the interviewer cannot understand you.  

Internet connection needs to be tested prior to the call and you must sit somewhere the connection is strong. If there is any problem with the connection during the interview, ensure that you make the eCommerce hiring manager is aware.  

End the Interview in The Right Way 

In all interviews, regardless of the nature, the ending of an interview is crucial in the overall picture the eCommerce hiring manager develops of you. This tends to be a period of time where the eCommerce hiring manager either confirms he feels you are the right fit for the position or that you are not in line with what the company are looking for. 

To ensure you give the manager reasons to hire you, we suggest that you summarise your main points you made during the interview. These may include what you would bring to the organisation or how you have previously demonstrated your skills.  

Following this, you should ask any questions that you may have and ask if they have any for you. 

Final notes 

Ensuring that you pay attention to all these points will enhance your chance of impressing at a video interview and therefore of a better chance of landing your dream job. 

Jarvis Cole are the leaders in eCommerce recruitment and therefore if you are an eCommerce professional looking for your next role, please register with us via Candidate Registration today.