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If COVID19 is the final straw for physical retail, what would this mean for the eCommerce job sector?

By August 20, 2020December 7th, 2021No Comments

Traditional retail has been predicted to be on the brink of existence for the past decade by many expects, with the pressures of eCommerce giants and ever-improving delivery services being listed as the main reasons. Nevertheless, despite such predictions, many traditional physical retailers have been reporting healthy sales figures over the last decade.  

However, the COVID19 pandemic caused the physical retail stores to close, generating no sales for the stores. After a long three months of no revenue, stores slowly started to open. But, with the reduced hours, people’s anxiety to go to stores and the social distancing now in place, the sales figures for many physical stores have not returned.  

Could the isolating implications of COVID19 be the final straw for physical retail? What would this mean for the eCommerce job sector?  

The Rise of the eCommerce everything 

While traditional retailers were unable to cater for customers, the ever-growing wave of ecommerce retailers have been able to serve their customers 24/7. But, not only were they able to continue to serve customers, the closing and reduced hours of many essential stores created new needs for the consumers. These new needs ranged from essential foods to sanitising products, all of which were products eCommerce retailers could supply to increase their sales during the pandemic. However, this has not stopped there. Ecommerce retailers became the only place many people could shop from during the pandemic. These people have now recognised the ease of online shopping and may have had their consumer behaviour shifted to eCommerce shopping forever – the data certainty shows that this is looking to be the case! 

If this trend continues, we should continue to see an increase in the eCommerce, both in sales and jobs.

Effect on eCommerce jobs  

To grow in the times of COVID-19 many businesses needed to adapt their online offering and their operations to cope with demand.  

As a result, job roles within the logistics sector received the largest increase in advertised jobs at the start of the Pandemic, according to data from employment website Totaljobs. This demand for workers continued throughout the pandemic. Further increased job advertisements came from the IT and tech sectors, including roles such as technical leads and developers.  

Overall, while many sectors have been negatively impacted by the coronavirus, the eCommerce sector has grown. This in turn has led to a growth in jobs to support a company’s online presence.

For example, Jarvis Cole – the leaders of eCommerce recruitment – USA business has had more new jobs registered by the 19th day of August than any other month in 2020! 

Last note…  

With the eCommerce sector expanding, you need to have the right team to cater for this expansion. Jarvis Cole are more than the leaders in eCommerce recruitment; we are your eCommerce talent partner.  

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