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In the Know: Magento Trends for 2019

By May 16, 2019December 7th, 2021No Comments

2018 was a big year for Magento! Many changes users will notice for 2019 have to do with the possibilities opened by major recent events for the platform.

Magento’s acquisition by Adobe last year opens up a world of technical possibilities—among them enhanced access to CMS, UX, creative and analytics tools for Magento users. A partnership with Akeneo has ushered in other advantages, making Magento now compatible with both open source and cloud-based Akeneo versions. And as if this wasn’t enough, Magento also joined the ranks of elite heavy hitters in the e-commerce space, such as Oracle, Salesforce and IBM, as it was ranked at the top of Gartner’s 2018 Magic Quadrant.

So, what does this mean for Magento developers?

Ten Magento trends to watch in 2019

Magento is already a popular e-commerce platform used by a large portion of digital storefronts worldwide. It’s a cost-effective solution that allows for the creation of e-commerce sites that promote brand reputation, surpass the needs of visitors and increase conversions. Adding to this is the following list of upcoming trends. Be on the lookout for the following yet this year:

  1. Artificial Intelligence (AI). Enabled in part by the Adobe acquisition, AI and predictive analysis help Magento rise to another level of machine learning power. Predictive analysis tools help the platform deliver a more personalized shopping experience and position Magento as a more intelligent platform overall.
  2. Improved user experience. Today’s shoppers demand an online experience that makes shopping easier, faster and more efficient. As the reliance on web shopping grows, e-commerce consumers expect a digital shopping experience that enables wise purchasing decisions. Also enriched by the Adobe acquisition, the Magento platform will be able to access Adobe’s full array of interfaces-to enable a more user-friendly experience.  Features such as customer-specific coupons and discounts are an example of ways to satisfy and delight consumers.
  3. Smarter search tools. Helping shoppers find the right products on your site is key to closing sales and increasing profits. Smarter search tools make it easier for consumers to navigate your site, find items that fit their needs, and move towards the shopping cart. As Magento enhances its UX, improved organic searches are an up-and-coming trend.
  4. Professional product images. Just because they’re not in a physical store, shoppers don’t expect a diminished shopping experience—just the opposite. Digital storefronts with attractive product images and even video make it easier for customers to evaluate purchases, plus encourage them to close sales. Not to mention, embedded video can increase your Google ranking and drive more users to your site.
  5. Selling on social media. If you’ve spent any time on Facebook recently, you’ve noticed the sheer number of stores peddling their products within your news feed. Because items are targeted specifically to your interests, businesses are finding social selling to be an effective way to reach consumers. Magento joins this trend, with the capability to link to social media platforms, promote products and close sales.
  6. Enhanced B2B marketing. Leveraging the power of Marketo through Adobe, Magento may improve its B2B marketing capabilities, especially lead management and account-based marketing.
  7. Connect to top marketplaces. There’s no denying Ebay and Amazon lead the industry in digital sales. With Magento, enhancements will allow you to tap into this rich sales environment through easy integration with top online marketplaces.
  8. Close the digital/brick-and-mortar gap. If you operate a physical store, as well as a digital storefront, you may feel the pain of managing both. But as Magento increases its omnichannel capabilities, dreams of connecting physical and digital sales channels may become a reality.
  9. Push notifications. If your storefront uses an app, you can enable push notifications using the Magento platform. You can reach users via text messages, to announce updates, sales, promotions and more.
  10. Voice input methods. Alexa, Siri and Google Assistant allow users to voice-search, but this requires platforms to enable voice-search capabilities in order to stay relevant in today’s marketplace. With Magento, developments allow digital commerce to keep pace with this trend.

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