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Magento Jobs: Leveraging the Latest Trends

By August 5, 2019December 7th, 2021No Comments

As a job seeker in the field of Magento, it is best to equip yourself with skills that are inline with the current trends. The biggest change in the sphere of Magento is its acquisition by Adobe. With Adobe’s intervention there will be many additions and alterations to the features of Magento. Though we need to wait and watch as to what changes will come up, you can adapt to the following trends that are already making their way into the market:

  1. Customized Implementation
    E-Commerce companies are facing huge competition. This pushes them to build their own unique features. Therefore, Magento customers want customized E-Commerce sites now. They have their own set of preferences based on the historical data of their business. You must be able to cater to these needs. So, being flexible and giving solutions that match each client will work in your favor.
  1.  Use of Progressive Web Apps
    E-Stores now need to be provided on mobile phones. This calls for easy access, more reliability, faster transactions, and better user experience. You need to, therefore, amp-up your skills in developing progressive web apps, rather than the native ones. Magento 2 renders a great support in this respect.
  1. Chat Bots and Videos
    Implementing Artificial Intelligence techniques to interact with customers through chat bots is a highly rewarding trend. When you include chat bots to the E-Commerce sites, your customers gain better access to their leads and have a better chance of conversion. Videos have already proven to be the best means to catch the attention of today’s audience. Build your skills around these two features and you’ll be able to impress your potential employers.

With an ever-evolving market of E-Commerce, adapting to these trends will give you an edge over your competitors. It will also make you more employable.