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Preparing for an upcoming interview? As a developer familiar with the Salesforce Commerce Cloud platform, you’re on pace to do great things with your career. Salesforce continuously reports impressive growth and earnings, and remains a heavy hitter in the digital industry—plus, developers are in hot demand! The company’s Commerce Cloud platform is an ever-popular choice with e-commerce companies, and your skills help drive innovation and improvements within this market space.

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Salesforce Commerce Cloud Developer Interview Questions

If you’ve landed an interview for a Salesforce developer position, you undoubtedly want to crush it and move on to your new job! Tried and true, the best way to get ready and build your confidence is by practicing your answers to common interview questions. Through a simple Google search, you can find endless options to help you prepare through career sites such as Glassdoor.

Following are some key interview questions and answers you won’t want to overlook. Use these to help guide your research as you prepare:

So… tell me about yourself.

The hallmark of opening interview questions, this one has a right answer. Simply frame your introduction in terms of what you’ve accomplished in your career and what has led you to apply for this position. Though it may be tempting, your interviewer isn’t looking for a rundown of your hobbies.

What is your experience with the Salesforce Commerce Cloud platform?

An employer hiring you as an SFCC developer will need to rest assured you know the ins and outs of this popular platform. To best answer this question, simply be familiar with all the content you’ve listed in your resume. And don’t force yourself to remember all the great things you’ve accomplished without practicing your delivery—many people get nervous and blank during interviews, while others find it hard to simply talk about themselves. Instead, go over all the content in your SFCC resume and plan what you’d like to say. Bonus points if your LinkedIn profile matches up with your resume content (hint: a hiring manager will most likely be checking you out through a Google search—so be prepared!).

What is your ideal work environment? How do you feel about fast-paced environments? 

Key: Salesforce is endlessly innovating, so the environment is fast-paced. If this situation agrees with you, describe how you enjoy learning, growing, getting the opportunity to work on new and different projects, etc.

Describe the advantages of Salesforce Commerce Cloud.

This top-rated commerce platform is a forerunner for three important reasons: it’s driven by ever-evolving innovation, it features predictive intelligence, and it provides a seamless shopping experience across all channels—including digital, mobile, social and brick-and-mortar. SFCC powers more than 2,000 websites worldwide, it’s growing twice as fast as the industry rate, and it provides 40-60 percent higher conversion rates than other more traditional e-commerce platforms.

What are your responsibilities as an SFCC developer?

You might list any of the following: synchronizing files between UX Studio and the sandbox environment; working with a product data model to manage and categorize products, and associated inventory; modifying search preferences for specific product features; creating custom object types to enable storage of custom data types; and configuring OCAPI permissions for APIs.

Always know the answer to this question

Beyond the technical questions, you will always be asked a version of the following: Why do you want this job/Why should we hire you? It’s always a good idea to be ready with your answer! It helps to describe the passion you have for your career, and how your endeavors have led you to this very career opportunity. It also helps to add an anecdote—everyone loves a story! Describe an event in your life that made you want to become a developer.

Prepare 3-5 interview questions of your own

Since an interview is a fact-finding mission for both your interviewer AND you, it’s important to come prepared with questions you also need answered. It helps to choose questions that will give you valuable insight into whether or not the job is right for you. Consider any of the following:

  • Is this position newly created?
  • Why did the previous person leave this position?
  • How many people are in the running for this position?
  • Based on our conversation, how likely is it I’ll be the person you choose?
  • What other questions can I answer to help you make your decision?

Looking for your next position?

Give Jarvis Cole a call. We work with developers familiar with Salesforce Commerce Cloud and we’re looking for you! To learn more about how we can help you move your career ahead with an exciting new job, contact us today.