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Ways to Stand Out in a Busy Work Environment

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E-commerce is a busy field! And when you’re working hard within a hustling and bustling environment, it may feel as if it’s easy to be overlooked by your boss. Staying top-of-mind (for good reasons, of course!) is important when you’re trying to get ahead and get promoted in your career. In many cases, simply doing the job isn’t enough—you must also be likeable. When you’re doing a great job PLUS your boss views you as a supportive addition to the team, it can help you move into the realm of promotion material. Promotable employees know their stuff, but also help to bring up those around them, as well as the positive energy of the entire team. This adds to company culture and helps to make a business a great place to work.

Ten ways to stand out at work

So what can you do to avoid blending in with the masses and set yourself apart as a top-notch hire in the e-commerce space? You want to be memorable for your contributions and achievements—and you want everyone (especially your boss) to know your name and what you’re all about. You can help shift yourself into the limelight in the following ways:

  1. Be a team player. Employees who are helpful and supportive at work help maintain a harmonious balance—plus when you show you can work well with others, it proves you could also step up and supervise or manage. Offer to help where you can and lend your knowledge and experience where it can help.
  2. Share your ideas. Speaking up during meetings is one of the easiest ways to get noticed. Leaders are always looking to solve problems and make advancements, so being an “idea person” can help you move up. It can be nerve-wracking, but by pushing yourself outside your comfort zone, you can make big strides in your career.
  3. Step up. Many teams have long to-do lists and bosses need someone to volunteer to tackle projects no one else wants. Helping your boss can help you in a big way—so take initiative and offer to do what you can! If you see ways your team or company can improve the way you do things—let your boss know. Ideas and creativity always help!
  4. Participate in after-hours events. Teambuilding helps you get to know your coworkers and establish common ground. These connections are a big part of networking and help you to be more likeable as a team member. Not to mention, hanging out with your fellow employees can make work a lot more enjoyable. If you’re working on-site, why not take some time to be social?
  5. Always be positive. Your attitude can be just as important as your knowledge and abilities. When you stay positive, you help bring your entire team up. Gossiping and negative behavior does just the opposite, plus makes you less approachable and likeable—which aren’t good qualities when you’re trying to get ahead.
  6. Ask for meetings with your boss. If you don’t already have regular 1:1 meetings, ask to schedule one with your boss. It’s a great way to review your progress, share your ideas, be sure you’re on track with your goals, and keep your boss in the loop on your performance and accomplishments.
  7. Speak in-person or through video. It helps to put a face with a name, and talking face-to-face can make your more memorable to your boss and coworkers. Sometimes, conference calls are necessary. But when possible, schedule in-person meetings, or use video conferencing, Skype or FaceTime if you work remotely.
  8. Propose your own project. Your boss will appreciate the help and it will show you’re working hard with the company’s best interests in mind. Save your boss the legwork and devise your own project. It will help people attach your name with a body of work. Always choose something that will help the company tackle one or more of the challenges it’s currently facing.
  9. Become an expert. People seek out the knowledge of those who are experts on a particular topic. If you’re not currently an expert at something—take steps to master a particular e-commerce knowledge or skill. It will help align you as an internal consultant of sorts, to stand apart from your coworkers.
  10. Be yourself. What makes you unique? This is perhaps the easiest way to stand out. By just being yourself, you can also endear yourself to others on the road to standing out in their minds.

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