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Five E-commerce Recruitment Tips to Find the Best Candidates

By March 27, 2019December 7th, 2021No Comments

If you’re in search of qualified E-commerce talent, you’re not alone. The demand for candidates with experience in the E-commerce market continues to grow as online commerce becomes more and more popular. So when it’s time to staff up, how can you find the very best matches for your online retail business?

A big part of finding the best and brightest talent has to do with all the pieces that make up your full recruitment process. Once you have your process down pat, you can begin to actively search, but you’ll want to clean up a few factors before you get started.

Best practices for finding top E-commerce talent

The right candidates for your company are out there, but how will you attract them? You can start withthe following:

  1. Focus on your brand reputation. Whether you’ll reach out to talent or they’ll reach out to you, the success of the interaction all hinges on the impression your company makes . You won’t reign in the best in your field without the promise of a bright, shiny future. You can do this with laser focus on your brand: What are you all about? What values do you hold dear? What causes do you support? What do you offer your workers that other companies do not? What makes you different, special and awesome? When you think about brands that are considered iconic, you may notice that feelings even crop up—so if you can tie an emotional response into your brand, that is also important.
  2. Get social. How do you represent your business on social media? This matters, especially if you’re going after a younger generation of workers. It’s a good idea to have a social presence through LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube—places beyond your website where the world can go to learn about you. These are also great vehicles to establish your brand and interact with customers and potential candidates. Yes, social media serves as a customer service avenue for retail businesses, but you can also give a more personal edge to your business and post about topics that tie to your mission and values.
  3. Write clear job descriptions. Good communication is key! You can help candidates self-refer themselves when your posted job descriptions are crystal clear. You’ll want to include specific details about the position, roles and responsibilities. It’s also critical to include qualifications—those that are required, and those that are preferred. You can also give information about your company culture. The less you leave to the applicant’s imagination, the better-matched applicants will be to your open job opportunities.
  4. Pay attention to feedback. People do read online reviews and take them to heart—both consumers and those considering your company for employment. For this reason, you need to build an online presence through reviews, but you also want those reviews to be positive. It’s a good idea to solicit feedback from your customers through resources such as Google, Facebook and Yelp, but also monitor the reviews you receive and respond accordingly—either through words of gratitude or by offering to make amends.
  5. Be efficient. Once you find potential candidates, don’t drag your feet. Clear job descriptions also allow you to quickly and easily identify who’s a great candidate so you can extend an offer. The best candidates won’t be sitting around forever, so when you find who you’re looking for, attempt to get them on board as soon as possible. It also helps to have an upper number in mind for salary negotiation, so there’s not too much back and forth when it comes time to talk numbers.

LinkedIn is your top resource

When it comes time to find E-commerce candidates, many employers and recruiters rely on LinkedIn. You can browse candidates with a keyword search, review qualifications and contact them by email.

Work directly with a recruiter

A staffing agency is also a valuable resource when you’re ready to begin your talent search. Recruiters are experts at what they do—sourcing both active and passive candidates, getting in touch and matching you with the right talent to get the job done. Recruiters stake their reputation on your satisfaction with their placements, so you can rest assured they pull out all the stops to find you’re the qualified professionals you need—faster and easier than searching on your own.

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