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E-commerce is on the tip of everyone’s tongue these days. As more and more consumers rely on the internet to shop, digital stores are moving into the forefront as a preferred means of commerce. And if you’re a qualified professional familiar with the E-commerce industry, this job market just may be your oyster. Depending on your professional background, you may have plenty of job opportunities if you know where to look.

In search of an E-commerce job?

Following are eight of the hottest titles in the E-commerce job market:

  1. Developers. The functioning of an E-commerce website is up to you, Skilled Developer! With your expertise and experience with programming languages, platforms and APIs, you’ll help your customers produce attractive and user-friendly storefronts that delight customers and increase conversions.
  2. Technical Leads. Got the skills, but feel like taking charge? As an E-commerce technical lead, you’ll guide a team of developers to deliver on client website requests. You’ll work with your team to make project and technical decisions, and help clients meet the shopping needs of customers.
  3. Architects. Alongside developers, E-commerce architects often focus on the security aspects of online retail operations—helping ensure the personal and financial information of customers remains safe and intact. Architects may also develop user interfaces and technical strategies, all with the goal of a positive online shopping experience.
  4. Business Analysts. If crunching numbers is your game, you’re well-suited for a role as an E-commerce business analyst. Your data insights help retail businesses understand what’s working and what needs to change—helping to improve sales and their profit margin.
  5. Project Manager. Do you have experience leading co-workers toward a finished product or goal, with plenty of technical know-how? E-commerce project managers help clients deliver on their short- and long-term goals, for successful online businesses that sell, sell, sell.
  6. Practice Lead. Everyone needs that one coworker who helps to direct projects, answer questions and keep the team on track—is it you? As an E-commerce practice lead, you’ll help clients maintain a successful online storefront that continuously meets consumer needs.
  7. Leadership. Often E-commerce businesses need seconds- and thirds-in-command to keep daily operations running smoothly. If you’re experienced leading people and have an understanding of the E-commerce industry, then step right up!
  8. Sales. If your motto is Always Be Closing, and you’re experienced with online retail stores, you’re ready for a sales position. You’ll be working to support retail sales across the board or in a specific area, to help ensure products are flying off the shelves.

How to find an e-commerce job

Sure, you’re qualified. But you won’t find your next job opportunity sitting at your desk. It’s time to take a little action and make the most of your time with these job search tips:

  • Spruce up your LinkedIn profile. If you don’t yet have one—now’s the time! Recruiters and employers use LinkedIn as their number one source for new talent. And no wonder why—it’s a real-time resume that’s accessible to the world. You can capture attention with your page by updating your job experiences and spiking out your skills related to E-commerce software, platforms, projects, etc. Add a professional profile picture and even a header image. Ask your contacts for recommendations to add to your past positions and get bonus points when you add skills to your profile, as well.
  • Create a resume and cover letter template. You should never use the same exact documents for every job application. Instead, tailor your resume and cover letter to each specific job. To make this easier, you can take the information from your LinkedIn profile and use it to make a resume skeleton—then move things around and highlight particular skills based on the E-commerce job to which you apply. Let your cover letter tell a story, and just be sure to make edits so it’s uber-applicable to each job opportunity.
  • Work with a recruiter. Not sure where to start with your E-commerce job search? That’s OK—you’re not alone! Looking for a new job can be stressful and time-consuming, and that’s where a recruiter comes in. Working with your recruiter, you’ll gain access to un-advertised jobs (because some companies work exclusively with recruiters to fill positions). Plus, your recruiter will help you shine with resume and interview tips to help you grab that exciting new position.

Check out Jarvis Cole

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