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Hire a Magento Developer with These Five Personality Attributes

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The quality of your developers directly contributes to the success of your ecommerce website. Your site’s look, feel and functionality—and how well it meets the demands of your customer base—are all impacted by the strength of your development talent. So it makes sense to choose wisely.

If Magento is your ecommerce platform of choice, you, of course, want to hire Magento developers with advanced working knowledge of this industry-leading platform. Since Magento is challenging to transition from, you’ll want to ensure your implementation goes smoothly from the start. And ecommerce developers with intricate knowledge of the features offered by Magento can help you maximize its functionality.

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5 personality characteristics of top Magento developers

Beyond platform know-how, other soft skills are essential when in search of the right development candidates. Magento developers with specific traits will fit into your overall team and help you maintain harmony in your workplace. Look for the following five attributes:

1.) Career passion. You can see it all over a candidate’s face and hear it in their voice. When a developer loves what they do, it shows. Beyond the gift of working with someone with an upbeat, positive attitude, your business will benefit from a teammate who cares about their work. Your business will benefit from a developer driven to deliver the very best—for an ecommerce site that’s beautiful, functional and effective.

2.) Good communication skills. How does a concept go from the planning stage to the development stage, blossoming into an online storefront? Through good communication. The developers working on your Magento based website must have excellent communication skills—to understand what you need and work with you to deliver an end product that meets your exact specifications. Good communication includes close, careful listening; concept understanding through thoughtful questions and clarification; and being able to explain their work through documentation, step by step.

3.) Expert time management. Time is money, and when you’re looking forward to your online storefront, you want it completed efficiently. Developers with excellent time management skills can plan, and set reasonable timelines—then meet them. This timeliness helps you set expectations with your customers: the new store will be open by XX date! Plus, you can accurately estimate hiring costs when you know how long a Magento developer will be on board with your team.

4.) Iron-clad work ethic. A developer committed to the task will be willing to do what it takes to get everything done—on time and to the best of their ability. A strong work ethic is an important quality to look for in a top-notch candidate.

5.) Teamwork. The strongest end products arise because great minds collaborating. Every member of your design and development team brings their unique gifts to the table, but it’s the power of everyone working together that counts. The best candidates understand this and work well with others, taking time to listen to viewpoints and respect ideas.

Other skills to look for specific to Magento

When it comes to the Magento platform, your top candidates should possess the following:

Certification. Candidates who are certified Magento developers provide several advantages. First, you can rest assured they understand the platform inside and out and can tackle your required customizations. Second, if they’ve taken the time to become certified, it’s safe to say they’re passionate about what they do and care to do it to the best of their ability. Third, you know your online storefront will be in good hands.

Proficient in the languages used by Magento. The Magento platform utilizes a few specific languages to be able to maximize the platform’s performance. These include HTML, CSS, Javascript and PHP.

IDE understanding. For quick application programming and development, it also helps for a developer to be knowledgable with an integrated development environment or IDE.

Take the time you need to Hire a Magento Developer

Though you may need help quickly, you should never rush into a hiring decision. It’s always a good idea to take the time you need to find, interview, screen and hire just the right talent. You’ll save your company the wasted time and resources associated with turnover, plus it’s better for the morale of your staff when you find and place the perfect candidate right off the bat.

Let Jarvis Cole help!

We’re extensively familiar with the needs of the ecommerce industry, with deep roots and worldwide connections. We’ll work with you to understand your staffing needs and the talent you require to build your storefront and set your business ahead of the pack. To learn more, contact us today to speak with one of our experienced Magento recruiters and learn how Jarvis Cole can help you reach your short- and long-term staffing goals.