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How to Earn a Salesforce Developer Certification and Advance Your Career

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Are you an ecommerce developer familiar with the Salesforce Commerce Cloud? As a top platform of choice with ecommerce businesses, your knowledge of this platform puts you in hot demand when companies are looking to build, upgrade or maintain their storefronts. And you can make yourself even more desirable—and marketable—to hiring managers if you’re certified as a Salesforce developer.

Advantages of Salesforce Developer Certification

One of the hallmarks of Salesforce Commerce Cloud is its ease of use—the platform design makes it fast and easy to implement and deploy a website. However, more advanced knowledge of the platform gives you an advantage over the competition in your job field. The more you understand how to use the Salesforce platform effectively, the deeper you can go with customizations that allow a storefront to be truly tailored to a business’s unique needs—without relying on customer support for guidance. As users have noted that features tend to be buried within the platform, your intimate working knowledge will make it far easier for you to develop pages than someone less experienced. And getting certified in Salesforce Commerce Cloud proves you’re the development professional with the skills to bring the thunder! It can also help you advance your career to the next level.

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Step one—take a class

Hopefully, you’re now convinced that a Salesforce developer certification is the way to go and you’re ready to jump in, full steam ahead! Your first step is becoming more familiar with the platform if you aren’t already. You can take online training courses offered by Salesforce University. And never discount the benefit of hands-on experience—the more you work within this platform, the more knowledgeable you’ll become.

Step two—get certified

Salesforce prides itself as a tech forerunner with a rich and supportive user community. This company offers plenty of resources to enable learning and help you prepare for the exam. These include videos, e-books, study guides and more. Salesforce wants you to succeed and become, as they describe it, “one of the Salesforce elite.”

When it comes to Salesforce Commerce Cloud certification, you have three levels from which to choose:

Salesforce Certified Commerce Cloud Digital Developer. To earn this certification, you’ll need experience as a Salesforce Commerce Cloud digital developer, with insider know-how that includes establishing the development environment; working with the digital data model, site content, scripts, and external applications; ensuring maximum site performance; and troubleshooting, if issues arise.

Salesforce Certified Platform Developer I. Developers with this certification are knowledgeable building program applications within the Lightning Platform.

Salesforce Certified Platform Developer II. This certification is for individuals with advanced programming capabilities within the Lightning Platform, including the development of complex business logic.

What to know about the exam

There are no pre-requisites to obtain certification in any of the above, other than the working knowledge required to pass the certification exam. Every exam includes 60 multiple choice questions, and applicants are allowed up to 120 minutes to complete the exam. A passing score is 70 percent for Salesforce Certified Commerce Cloud Digital Developer, 65 percent for Salesforce Certified Platform Developer I, and 63 percent for Salesforce Certified Platform Developer II. You can register for the exam and access review materials right from the Salesforce website.

Tips to pass the Salesforce Developer Certification exam

Once you’ve decided to become certified, you want to pull out all the stops to be sure you pass! You can follow these tips to go from a developer knowledgeable in Salesforce, to one with a bona fide certification:

Choose a credible course. You may be able to find multiple certifications online, but be sure to choose one that’s official (i.e., offered by Salesforce).

Do your homework. As noted above, you’ll gain access to a huge library of review materials and resources once you register. Do your homework and study up! Review what you learn in class, as well as the resource materials.

Schedule your exam strategically. Time your exam date a few weeks after the end of your review course. You want to give yourself enough time to study, but not so much time that you begin to forget what you learned.

Review your questions carefully. Don’t pick the first and most obvious answer. Think about each exam question and carefully choose your answer.

Arrive at your testing center early. You want to be sure you don’t lose precious testing time. If you plan to arrive early, you won’t need to stress out about traffic or finding the testing site.

You can do it!

Becoming certified is an important step in your career. Salesforce Commerce Cloud recruiters consider certification a critical component in all highly qualified candidates. It tells potential employers you’ve spent time learning the platform and you understand how to maximize its features and functions.

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