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E-Commerce Recruitment

How E-commerce Companies are Reinventing their Recruitment Strategy

By April 3, 2019December 7th, 2021No Comments

Want to be the best in your industry? You need to innovate. Technology is changing constantly, as is the demands of consumers. They want faster loading times as smart phones and mobile devices evolve. They want intuitive shopping experiences, personalized to their needs. And they want attractive, easy-to-navigate e-commerce sites, with photos that help them compare products and make the right choices. They want to feel good about how they spend their money. And they want it all in a secure package that protects their personal and financial information. It is up to your online storefront to deliver, and you need e-commerce staff with the skills to make it all happen. So what’s the most efficient way to find and hire the workers you need?

Partner with a staffing agency

Now, more e-commerce businesses than ever before are choosing to work with recruiters who specialize in the e-commerce industry. It makes sense—time is at a premium, and you need the right talent when you need them. A staffing partner makes this a reality so you can spend your time on what you do best: running your business.

Five advantages of working with a staffing partner

Why outsource your hiring process when you can just handle it on your own? Staffing agencies offer a few important advantages to help you boost your hiring process. This makes it faster, easier and more efficient to staff while you avoid all the heavy lifting. Your recruiter will help you with the following:

  1. Access passive candidates. You’re in search of e-commerce candidates qualified to fill your open positions. But what happens when the best candidates for you aren’t currently looking for work? You recruiter is an expert at scouring the job market and finding the candidates you need—even if they’re currently employed—then helping you attract them to your e-commerce company.
  2. Determine a staffing mix that works. Full-time, part-time, remote, temp-to-hire, permanent placement…  The right selection for you can be overwhelming to determine on your own. But your recruiter will help you understand the pros and cons of different hiring options, and pick the mix that works best with your business and your staffing budget.
  3. Get help with every step of the process. Need help finding candidates and interviewing them? Or maybe you’d prefer someone to negotiate salaries and handle the hiring portion of your process. It could be that onboarding and training is your weak spot, and this is where you could use support. Or maybe you’re busy and need an agency that will handle all of the above. When you work with a staffing partner, you can get help with some or all the steps in the hiring process.
  4. Keep your business and staff safe. Another step that’s critical is screening. From reference checks to background checks, screening helps you ensure you’re getting the right candidates for your business, and also helps you protect your business, your reputation and your current employees.
  5. Avoid turnover. Get your hires right, right from the start. Poor hiring choices can be extremely costly. From lost time and productivity, to the time it takes to train a new worker, you want to be as efficient as possible with your hiring choices. When you work with a recruiter, they’ll help you review qualifications to ensure you find e-commerce professionals with the right background and skills. It especially helps to work with an agency that specializes in e-commerce, so they’re familiar with what’s required to make a good candidate great.

How to find the right staffing partner for you

If you don’t currently have a staffing partner, how do you find one? You can rely on the recommendations of your trusted colleagues, or conduct a Google search on your own. Pay attention to reviews, and choose a company whose mission aligns with your own. Contact the agency to learn more, and always go with your gut instinct. If the match doesn’t feel right, keep looking!

Check out Jarvis Cole

With deep roots in the e-commerce industry, Jarvis Cole works with you to find and place highly qualified professionals with the right platform knowledge and experience. We want to understand your staffing needs and help you place the candidates you need to get the job done. With offices worldwide you’ll gain access to a global candidate pool, backed by training and support. Contact us today to learn about our available staffing services and touch base with a recruiter.