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Promotions in ecommerce jobs are not easy to come by. They aren’t given out at random, so if you want to advance in your career, you’ll need to show the right people that it’s worth their time to promote you. You can give yourself the best chance of being promoted with the right approach. Here are eight tips to help you get ahead in your eCommerce career. 

Deliver Your Work Consistently and On-Time 

There’s no denying that in almost all ecommerce companies, there are always looming deadlines to catch and time pressures to meet goals. 

If you’re going to be a trusted employee and be considered for a promotion, you should be clear on your goals and deliver on your targets. Those that deliver results are going to succeed professionally. 

It is vital to always be on time when submitting work assignments and be punctual in work meetings. 

Employees who are habitually late show the following attributes: 

  • You are disorganized 
  • You can’t meet deadlines 
  • You can’t plan ahead of time 
  • You do not respect other people’s time 
  • You have a faulty sense of time 

If you exhibit any or all the criteria listed above, you will not be considered for the promotion. 

Build Trust with Your Manager and Colleagues 

Nobody wants to work with an unreliable employee. Being a colleague who others feel they can trust and get along with is important to getting a promotion.  

When you strive to make every interaction with others positive, they won’t have anything negative to say about you. One poor interaction is all it takes to establish a cycle of mistrust within a team. 

If you’re the type of person people enjoy working with, you likely won’t run into any problems. 

Additionally, you should develop a positive working relationship with your manager. The more you know your supervisor, the more you’ll be able to make crucial decisions without asking them. 

Build On Your Work Network 

The adage, “Your network is your ‘net worth’ rings true. Having a good network of industry contacts will undoubtedly benefit your ecommerce career.  

Your network opens doors to new possibilities, connects you with more people, and helps you grow professionally. People will speak highly of you if you cultivate good relationships. Opportunities will begin to flow your way, and you will likely be considered.  

It is also a great support system during personal and professional slumps. You would know someone to call and ask for advice when problems arise. 

To build your network, attend company events, team lunches, and the occasional night out to develop your professional network. During working hours, switch up who you go to coffee with and be cordial and conversational at the water cooler. 

Online communities are another way to expand your network. Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, and other relevant social media sites is a great places to connect with people beyond the constraints of geographies.  

Develop Job Mastery 

Most well-paid jobs require specific technical skills. Whether you work in IT or sales, mastering your job is necessary for promotion. 

To be great at your job, you should prioritize lifelong learning. Read books, attend professional training classes, and listen to podcasts and audiobooks to expand your skills and knowledge. 

Do Not Play Politics 

Workplace politics can rear its ugly head for a variety of reasons. One reason is if several people are pursuing professional advancement aggressively.  

An ambitious employee feels that they must advance at the expense of others. They may exact that cost by gossiping about others behind their backs, belittling others’ work, and making a show of anything they do to promote themselves. 

Do not engage in office politics. None of these activities are worthwhile; they waste your time and create a toxic work environment. 

Rise above the pettiness by training yourself not to gossip or talk about people behind their backs.  

If you find yourself drawn into a conversation like this, politely excuse yourself from the topic; others will immediately notice your level of professionalism. 

Find a Sponsor 

A sponsor is someone in a position of influence inside your company who will back up your promotion request.  

This person might be a senior employee with whom you regularly work or a senior executive you admire and have formed a mentoring relationship with.  

Sponsorships often require considerable time and effort to develop. 

Once you’ve identified a possible sponsor, make an effort to meet with them regularly to discuss your professional goals and accomplishments. Schedule lunch or a virtual meeting with them every few months to get their feedback on your work and advice on achieving your career goals. 

A sponsor is someone who will not only provide you with informal coaching but will also advocate for you behind closed doors, introduce you to other executives who will be necessary to your advancement, and protect you from negative publicity.  

They can also convince your boss that you deserve to be promoted when the time comes. 

Take The Tough Jobs 

Some ecommerce jobs are more difficult than others, and often no one wants to take the project. By stepping up and taking control, you build credibility and boost your reputation within the team. 

This will raise your profile and get you respect from your colleagues but be careful- it might also be a double edge sword. Only take on tough jobs that you have the knowledge and skills to complete.  

Showcase Your Leadership Abilities 

You do not need an official invitation to lead. You can take leadership roles in many activities without interfering with your manager’s authority or creating resentment among your coworkers. Here are a few ideas: 

  • Offer to stand in for your manager or boss during vacations 
  • Organize work gatherings and events 
  • Volunteer to represent your team in front of other organizations and groups. 
  • Offer to take charge of team meetings. 

Final Thoughts 

If you want to get a promotion in your eCommerce job, start by being proactive in your work. Deliver your work consistently, build good relationships with your manager and colleagues, take on tough jobs, and showcase your leadership ability. By following these tips, you will be on your way to a promotion in no time! 

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