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Salesforce Commerce Cloud Developer Resume Tips to Land an Interview

By February 4, 2019December 7th, 2021No Comments

Web development is a high-earning field, and as such: it’s competitive! When you’re in the hunt for a new job as a Salesforce Commerce Cloud developer, you want to take all steps to be sure you sail ahead of your competition in any way you can—and your resume is one of the first places to start. It helps to have a few tricks up your sleeve that make your resume captivating to a recruiter or hiring manager, and get you one step closer to an interview.

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Key resume tips

As you prepare your resume to vie for a position as a Salesforce Commerce Cloud developer, pay careful attention to the following sections.

Professional summary

Your professional summary is an opening statement where you begin to catch the eye of a Salesforce Commerce cloud recruiter or hiring manager. Since those in charge of hiring are tasked with reviewing stacks of resumes, a brief but thorough professional summary is a great way to help them skim (and know what you’re all about). Write a few sentences summarizing what you do in a way that focuses your skills on the potential employer. For example, by including an overview of your skills, knowledge, and accomplishments (and including number if you can, e.g., “decreased rework by xx%, reduced costs by xx%), it makes it easier for a potential employer to see how your qualifications can be applied to the new job.

Skills section

In a technical position, such as a web developer, it makes sense to include a skills section before your work experience. Since it’s near the top of the page, a skills section makes it easy for a recruiter or hiring manager to know right away if you could be a good fit. It helps to group your skills in a logical way, such as by platform, coding languages, etc.

Work experience

This is the most critical part of your resume because it shows what you’ve accomplished in your career. Start with the most current job (present employer) and work backward. Only list past jobs that apply to the position to which you’re applying—for example, you don’t need to include your college job at the local ice cream stand. You only need to list the past 5-10 years, depending on how many jobs you’ve held, and their relevance to the current position.

Within your work experience, describe your past jobs in terms of what you accomplished for your employer, and include numbers when you can. Remember, the best resumes are sales documents that position you as perfect fit for the developer position for which you’ve applied.


You can add this section at the very end. You’ll want to list the school, the degree you earned, years you attended and area of study. You can add some creativity to this section by including details such as, “Followed my lifelong dream to study website design,” or something similar.

Contact information

This should be available in a header at the top of your resume. As you move around in life, just be sure to update your contact information accordingly with the best ways to reach you—it’s easily overlooked and very important!

Don’t forget to review

Mistakes in grammar and spelling can make you appear unprofessional, so review your resume and ask for external advice from a friend, family member or colleague as a second set of eyes. A careful review can also help catch any important details you may have left out.

Always customize

For each Salesforce Commerce Cloud developer job to which you apply, you’ll want to create a customized version of your resume. Lead with or bold key skills and experiences that directly apply to the job.

Other important job search tips

As you’re preparing your resume, consider the following, which are also very helpful when you’re in search of a new job:

Create an email address that looks professional. It’s free—and it’s easy. Rather than: “” use an email address with your name or a variation of your name. If “” isn’t available, choose something like: “”

Sync your LinkedIn profile. Make sure the details of your LinkedIn page match those of you resume. A good plan is to always update your LinkedIn page whenever you update your resume.

Clean up your social media pages. One of the first things a hiring manager will do is Google you—so be sure there’s nothing unprofessional on any of your social media pages. If you have posts, tweets or photos you wouldn’t want anyone to see, just delete them.

The right job is out there!

It pays off to spend the time and effort needed to carefully craft a killer Salesforce Commerce Cloud centered resume. You’ll thank yourself when you’re called in for an interview to your next exciting developer position.

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