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Salesforce Commerce Cloud Developer Salary Data and Career Trends for 2019

By February 1, 2019December 7th, 2021No Comments

Overall, Salesforce is a popular platform in the online marketplace. It’s cloud-based, so users can easily access it from anywhere, plus flexible and robust in terms of customizability. The company prides itself on creativity and innovation, so you can rest assured the platform is continually evolving—and this makes it a continued hit with users, who receive a personalized and intuitive experience.

Of course, as a Salesforce Commerce Cloud developer—your job outlook is good! This platform consistently receives rave reviews, and Salesforce as a whole continues to move forward with much success. So, you may wonder: what’s your estimated salary level and career outlook with Salesforce as your platform of expertise in the ecommerce field?

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Average Salesforce Commerce Cloud developer salary levels

Gathered from various sources, Salesforce developers can earn a range of salaries, based on the company you’re hired for. reports annual earnings ranging from $62,000 to $117,000, with an average annual salary of $87,292. This is based on the reported salaries of 950 individuals. Glassdoor also reports “additional cash compensation” including bonuses, commission and profit sharing that ranges from $2,347-$18,002. reports Salesforce developer salaries ranging from $50,000 to $197,000, with an average annual salary of $111,795 per year. This estimate is based on the submitted salary reports of 3,029 individuals over the past 36 months.

The Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) reports slightly lower earnings for web developers, but this is an estimate across the entire industry and all platforms and doesn’t reflect Salesforce specifically. BLS reports a median annual salary of $67,990, or $32.69 per hour as of May 2017.

Career trends for web developers

Also as reported by BLS, the job outlook for website developers is strong. In 2016, 162,900 web developer jobs existed in the United States, with an employment change expected from 2016-2026 of 24,400 more jobs. Web developer positions are expected to grow by 15 percent from 2016-2026, which is much faster than average in the U.S.

With the popularity of Salesforce as an ecommerce platform, your job outlook and pay expectations are good, and may continue to improve—especially as the world relies more and more on the internet and mobile devices for shopping, rather than brick-and-mortar stores. You can only assume the need for developers to provide the industry with these much-demanded online stores will continue to increase.

Get certified to increase your earning potential

So—how can you increase your compensation rate and help ensure you land within the higher end of your earning potential? That’s easy: get certified as a Salesforce Commerce Cloud developer! By taking and passing a certification exam, you prove to potential employers that you know your stuff when it comes to Salesforce. Becoming certified helps you showcase your passion, professionalism and dedication to your career. It shows employers and hiring managers you have learned enough about the platform to be the best of the best—so their ecommerce website will soar above those of competitors.

How working with a recruiter improves your job options

When it comes to your career, how can you find the best available jobs in your industry? It helps to work with a recruiter—especially a niche or “boutique” staffing firm that specializes in ecommerce. Here’s why:

Recruiters want you to succeed. Recruiters work with clients to find and place qualified candidates that match specific job requirements. They want to place the right candidate right from the start and will only match you with jobs they think you’re best suited for. If a recruiter contacts you about a position, it means you’re well matched, and this increases your chances of getting the position.

You can tap into the “hidden” job market. Some employers work exclusively with staffing agencies to find and place talent. This means working with a Salesforce Commerce Cloud recruiter, you’ll gain access to jobs not advertised to the public through job search sites.

You’ll get career tips. If you need guidance with your resume, cover letter, and interview skills, your recruiter can help! He or she will help you spruce up your documents and brush up on your interview technique to get one step closer to landing your next job.

You’ll maximize your earning potential. With a recruiter’s job hunting expertise and negotiating skills backing you, you’ll have a better chance of closing in on top-earning job opportunities in your industry.

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