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Shopify Store Owners have seen a boost in sales!

By January 6, 2021December 7th, 2021No Comments

The survey conducted by the HelpCenter app team reveals that nearly 74% of Shopify store owners have experienced either a boost in sales or have not recorded any major changes. The former, which adds up to more than one-third of all respondents, were able to increase their revenue by at least 40% since the outbreak of COVID-19. Moreover, when asked about their next year’s projections, more than 80% of surveyed Shopify vendors admit that they expect their sales to grow or even boom in 2021. 

On the flip side, this chaotic year was not easy on everyone and some losses were definitely inevitable. Nearly 27% of surveyed online business owners admit that 2020 was challenging and the ongoing COVID-19 crisis has made a negative impact on their Shopify stores. Almost 5 out of 10 of those who experienced a decline in revenue report a decrease from 20% to 60%. 

It confirms how consumer shopping habits have evolved in a year of intense disruption and change. The researchers commented on the escalating demand for ecommerce and the opportunities it presents to small businesses and entrepreneurs

It is difficult to predict when everything will get back to normal, one thing that has significantly changed during the pandemic and, likely, for good, is consumer habits. Not only that, with an increased demand for online shopping, more time on their hands due to recurring quarantine in some parts of the world, and basically unlimited access to any relevant information, customers are not lowering their expectations for businesses. It is actually the opposite – as the challenges continue to raise, customer expectations follow, said the authors of the report. 

There was probably no other time when consumers have been more demanding than during this COVID-19 pandemic. Shopping online is no longer just on their Wishlist, they actually expect it and look for the best possible fulfilment of this process. 

E-commerce business owners should be willing to put additional efforts and resources into it if they want to succeed, keep ahead of the competition, meet customers at their own terms, and leave this crisis stronger than they started. 


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