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Tips for Engaging with eCommerce Sales Professionals in your Talent Pipeline

By January 25, 2021December 7th, 2021No Comments

An eCommerce Sales Professional Talent Pipeline is a ready stream of eCommerce Professionals’, who are qualified and prepared to be able to take up eCommerce Sales roles. If a Talent Pipeline is created, the cost and time to hire is hugely reduced. 

However, the Pipeline is not permeant. You must engage with the Professionals within the pipeline effectively to maintain your relationship with them. 

Below are Jarvis Cole’s top tips for engaging with eCommerce Sales Professionals in your Talent Pipeline to ensure you can recruit quickly and effectively…  

Online Presence 

Your online presence is how potential candidates for your Pipeline will find you. It is therefore important to ensure that all content you post is up to date, relevant and provides insight into why they should get in touch.  

However, candidates are also likely to check your online presence on third-party websites, to supply further insight. We therefore recommend checking your reviews on third-party websites such as Glassdoor reviews and trip advisor. Encourage all employees and clients to engage with such channels to boost your online presence on these sites.  

Reach out to eCommerce Sales Professionals  

If a great eCommerce Sales Professional shows an interest in your organisation, or contacts your organisation, you should respond promptly. High-end eCommerce Sales talent is hard to come by and first impressions count. 

Do not leave an extended period of time before you reach out to them; ensure you contact them whilst you are in their evoke set of brands. If not, they may register their CV with another eCommerce recruiter! 

The main aim of contacting eCommerce Professionals is to build a relationship with them, so you can build a network of eCommerce Talent. This will make hiring significantly easier. 

Personalise Content 

You should be sharing content with eCommerce Sales Professionals regularly, to keep them engaged. However, the content needs to appeal to their needs and interests to be considered as engaging. By posting such content, you will engage the individual and therefore be in their evoke set of brands. If a candidate is engaged, they will always reach out to you first when looking for work or looking for a recruiter to bring other eCommerce professionals on board! 

Some suggestions we have include sharing average salaries across the industry, success stories and companies who give great employee benefits.  

By taking the time to generate personalised content for your eCommerce Sales Professionals’ pipeline, you can be very ‘sales’ specific and set yourself apart from your competitors. 

Build a relationship 

To truly keep an eCommerce Sales Professional in a pipeline, you need to have a relationship with the individual, whereby you are in constant communication. You want to know where they are currently working, when they want to leave and what type of company they want to work for.  

To build this relationship you need to deliver continuous and personalised communication. Such communication should always have the aims of finding out what they are up to within their career and ensuring they feel comfortable to reach out to you. 

Last note…  

Here at Jarvis Cole, we pride ourselves in being a leader in eCommerce recruitment. We regularly recruit for all positions within the eCommerce industry and have a highly skilled exclusive talent pool. Furthermore, we specialise in building and managing talent pipelines within the eCommerce industry.  

Get in touch today and find out how we can provide solutions for your company.