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An eCommerce business is only as good as the employees that make up its team. No matter the size of your eCommerce business, having a team of dedicated employees who are experts in their field can help you navigate the ever-changing eCommerce landscape. Below are the most important positions necessary for any eCommerce business to function properly. 

Web Engineer or IT Specialist

Your website is the face of your eCommerce business. Unless you’re an expert at writing code, you need to hire a web engineer or IT specialist to handle this role.  

They will build and maintain your website and ensure that other team members can use available digital infrastructure to create a useable and consistent eCommerce website architecture.  

While having the general know-how of an IT specialist is enough for a small business, medium to large-sized eCommerce businesses will benefit from hiring a web engineer.  

A web engineer is different from a web designer. Web engineers are responsible for the technical aspects of designing, building, and maintaining websites. Engineers typically have a strong understanding of both front-end and back-end web technologies. They also test and debug websites to ensure they are functioning correctly. 

No matter who you choose, a web engineer and an IT specialist can maintain and improve your eCommerce website. 

Social Media Director

Customers are increasingly turning to social media to help guide their purchasing decisions. With a savvy social media director on your team, your eCommerce business can leverage the power of social media to drive interest and conversions. 

A social media director creates and manages a company’s social media strategy. They develop content, post updates, and monitor engagement across all social media platforms. Not only will they be at the forefront of your social media campaigns and strategy, but they will also guide the remaining team members on all matters on your company’s social media.  

A successful social media director must be able to think creatively, work well under pressure, and have strong writing and communication skills. 


A copywriter is one of the most important employees on an eCommerce team, and they are responsible for creating the product descriptions and other written content on the website. A good copywriter will be able to capture the voice of the brand and communicate with the target audience. 

As a business owner, you need to make sure that you hire an exceptional copywriter and not just one whose writing is passable.  

The best copywriters have the mindset of a salesperson. They have knowledge in sales and marketing as well as an acute intuition on what closes deals and leads to a customer purchase. 

Writing clear, concise, and compelling copy is a difficult skill to master. Not all copywriters can write effective eCommerce copy, and you might need the help of an eCommerce recruitment services firm to help you hire someone who knows exactly what they’re doing. 

Digital Marketer

A digital marketer is responsible for creating and executing marketing campaigns that promote your products or services online.  

They play a crucial role in enhancing your eCommerce company’s brand awareness, driving more website traffic, and acquiring more customers. 

Don’t rush the hiring of a digital marketer. Our experience in eCommerce recruitment has taught us that there is a world of difference between an adequate digital marketer and an exceptional one.  

The ideal digital marketer should have experience and extensive knowledge of SEO, social media, and email marketing, preferably in the same or similar niche as your business. 

Inventory Manager

An inventory manager is one of the most important employees in an eCommerce business. They are responsible for keeping track of all the products that are in stock, as well as ordering new products when necessary. 

Inventory specialists also oversee merchandise sales and perform a range of other duties, including organizing inventory, packaging products, and even clerical duties. 

Without an inventory manager, it would be very difficult to keep track of what products are selling and what needs to be restocked.

Logistics Manager 

A logistics manager is responsible for coordinating and managing the storage and transportation of goods.  

They work with suppliers, manufacturers, retailers, and customers to ensure that products are delivered on time and in the correct quantities. If you own a warehouse or go through a third-party fulfillment company, they also ensure the product is shipped to these areas. 

Logistics specialists play a vital role in ensuring that eCommerce businesses run smoothly and efficiently. Without them, goods would not be delivered on time, and there would be chaos! 

They are vital to eCommerce businesses that ship internationally since logistics specialists handle lengthy and often complicated customs clearances and oversee the entire shipment process. 

Final Thoughts 

A successful business requires a team of dedicated and skilled employees. By having these eCommerce employees on your team, you will be able to cover all the necessary bases to have a thriving eCommerce business. 

Of course, every business is different, and you may need to add or remove positions based on the size and type of your company. However, these six positions are essential for any eCommerce business. 

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